Improving Warehouse Safety with Upgraded Technology

Few things are as important in a warehouse setting as the health and safety of the people who work there. Technology can play a substantial role in building a warehouse culture that prioritizes safety.

From providing comprehensive training in shorter periods of time to warning workers of potential hazards, technology could be a lifesaver in every aspect of warehouse operations. Keep reading to learn about how you can improve warehouse safety with upgraded technology.

Making Use of Reliable Data to Improve Safety

Warehouse managers have more reliable data at their fingertips of than ever before, thanks in part due to the rapid growth of technology like the Internet of Things, which is a network of connected devices that communicate real-time data.

Gathering accurate data directly from the warehouse floor could help you identify safety risks you might not have considered otherwise. Data could be instrumental in revamping safety strategies, and tools like wireless devices and hands-free communications could be vital to that process.

Better Warehouse Safety through VR Training

One of the major causes of serious workplace injuries is a lack of training. In many situations, warehouses that face labor shortages are rushed to get a new-hire in place and up to speed before they can receive adequate training. With the help of technology, it could be possible to shorten the amount of time needed to for a new-hire to start working.

One of the most powerful tools that could allow for safe, hands-on training is virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) systems, which could allow a new employee to practice dangerous tasks before working in an environment where the machines are real and injuries are a possibility. This takes the risk out of improving familiarity with certain warehouse operations.

Remote Sensors to Identify Safety Concerns

Certain areas of a warehouse are especially dangerous. These unsafe areas frequently house heavy machinery that could cause severe injuries if handled without caution.

One of the ways that technology is being used to address these hazards is through radio frequency identification, or RFID. RFID technology gives workers a proximity warning when they get too close to an unsafe part of the warehouse.

RFID sensors must be worn by employees and attached to dangerous areas or machinery. When a worker is in close proximity to one of these hazards, the sensor sends an audible alert to warn the worker of the danger.

Warehouse Drones Help Workers Avoid Dangerous Areas

Drones are more than just a toy or a hobby. These devices have become an important tool for warehouse workers. Drones can be used to scan barcodes in dangerous locations. They are especially valuable for checking inventory at great heights that could otherwise represent a serious fall risk.

3PL Providers Could Assist with Warehouse Safety

A resourceful 3PL provider like Brown West Logistics could upgrade your warehouse’s safety operations with new technology to help you avoid serious injuries and keep your employees safe.

Let Brown West Logistics review your facility’s needs and help you develop new systems for keeping your workforce safe. Our personalized solutions could be your best option for keeping costs low and injuries to a minimum. Reach out right away to learn more.

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