Can Wireless Technology Benefit Warehouse Operations?

Because technology has become a vital part of every industry in the 21st century, we often forget just how much it has evolved in the past 20 years. Landlines have been replaced with wireless cell phones that are a quarter of the size and have double the range, wifi routers have taken the place of ethernet cables, allowing phones, scanners, and other wireless technologies have transformed the world as we know it.

Warehouse operations managers are now accepting wireless communications at breakneck speeds, but many are still determining whether these technologies are worth adopting. While the cost to switch to updated systems may be higher than expected, it can exponentially increase the efficiencies of your operations in four key ways.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Wireless technology allows warehouse employees and retailers to manage and track inventory levels in real-time. Retailers can keep track of their stock to ensure they don’t have too many or too few SKUs of a particular product, allowing warehouse employees to prioritize certain pallets of product and arrange inventory in a way that is most efficient for workers to move around the space.

Not only does wireless technology allow for a more efficient organization system, but it also saves product information as soon as the merchandise arrives at the warehouse. This information is tracked when the product leaves and retailers can access this data at any point, even when the warehouse is not in operation.

Cloud-Based Data Storage

One of the most recent technological changes in warehouses is the switch from clipboards to scanners. These devices allow you to upload information to a virtual system backed up to a secure online data storage center, commonly called the “cloud.” Distribution centers can communicate with customers through the cloud to get feedback regarding inventory levels and address other customer concerns.

This feedback is accessible through any device that connects to the internet, as long as the person accessing the Cloud has the login credentials. This helps provide accessibility and confidentiality protections to the retailer, thus making warehouse operations more effective and ethical. The convenience of communication makes it easier for all parties to track and monitor goods, which also helps with efficiency concerns.

Wireless Communication Devices

Wireless communication devices themselves offer efficiencies many take for granted. For example, these channels have a wider signal range and clearer communication than more rigid, non-wireless devices. They also offer increased mobility as these devices do not need to be plugged in or attached to a specific space within the warehouse and can be taken on the go.

Commonly used devices include bulky communicators like large walkie-talkies that can clip to utility belts or headphones small enough to go unnoticed. In any case, all shapes and sizes can use wireless technology to communicate with each other in real-time over extreme distances.

24-Hour Warehouse-to-Client Communication

In traditional settings, warehouse staff communicated with clients through a weekly phone call that was time-consuming and required high levels of coordination to ensure everyone that needed to was able to attend. Now, emails can be sent by staff directly to clients, who can then respond when convenient, allowing communication beyond physical distance, hours of operation, and even time zones.

If this is how far technology has been able to expand in the past 20 years, it is nearly impossible to predict where the continued growth of technology is projected to go. However, whatever the new gadget that comes around the corner is, it promises to open opportunities for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the warehousing industry.

Update Your Technology With Help From Brown West Logistics

Many are still hesitant to implement these technologies due to the inherent risk of updating systems. However, partnering with a third-party logistics company can help you ensure that your supply is well-protected by industry experts at a much lower cost than taking on these risks yourself would be. To see how Brown West Logistics can help your business grow and strengthen its logistics operations, contact our team today.

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