Benefits of Customized Contract Warehousing

Warehousing space is a hot commodity during the e-commerce boom, but it can be costly and time-consuming to optimize and streamline. While leasing warehouse space can eliminate the high capital requirements of building a warehouse, it still requires your operation to hire, train, and maintain the staff and equipment needed to keep a warehouse up and running.

We hope that by partnering with Brown West Logistics, you can grow your supply chain business without building or leasing your own warehouse. Contract warehousing relies on third parties to provide certain assets to warehouse operations, allowing you to use a facility that will provide everything from staff to warehouse space. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of customized contract warehousing.

Operating without a Large Capital Investment

One of the primary advantages of contract warehousing is saving on major monetary investments. Building a warehouse can be costly, from purchasing real estate to completing the construction process. This process can tie up enormous amounts of funds that could be better spent on developing your business and operational strategies.

We hope to earn your trust by providing you with the space and resources necessary to run a productive supply chain. Brown West Logistics can take care of outfitting and upkeeping the facility and ensure it remains in working order. Relying on contract warehousing could allow a company to use this money elsewhere.

Customizable Warehouse Space and Layout

When you partner with Brown West Logistics, your warehouse space and layout will be customizable. As your supply chain needs change and grow over time, you can alter the floorplan of your warehouse at any time. Contract warehousing provides expansion options without the need to make a large investment in permanent warehouse space. Whether you need value-added services such as assembly services, inspections, or display building in addition to standard warehousing needs, our team has you covered.

Finding Simple and Creative Solutions

If building or leasing a warehouse isn’t an option, contract warehousing may make more sense than relying on shared public warehousing. Not only are the costs of contract warehouses typically lower, these long-term arrangements can also provide price certainty that allows a company to plan and budget for the future.

Streamlining through Third-Party Partners

Making use of contract warehousing gives managers or owners one less thing to worry about. Entrusting the setup and maintenance of a warehouse with supply chain experts will free up space in your schedule and budget.

Contract warehousing is only one of the ways that your business could benefit from working with a third-party logistics provider. Brown West Logistics can help you meet your customers’ needs with personalized solutions and valuable partnerships.

Let us help you streamline your warehousing operations and avoid many of the challenges associated with managing a supply chain. With Brown West Logistics providing creative solutions for the entire supply chain, you can effectively avoid communication errors, delays, and unexpected costs. Reach out today to learn more about the benefits of customized contract warehousing.

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