Why Involve a 3PL Provider in Warehouse Selection and Layout?

Operating a warehouse requires you to make countless decisions, many of which are easy to reverse, like staffing levels or procedures. Decisions about the facilities chosen for a warehouse, however, should be made very carefully.

The selection and layout of a warehouse are crucial, and a mistake during this process can be costly—or impossible—to fix. Given the importance of this step, it could be helpful to rely on the skill and experience of a third-party logistics provider. Continue reading to learn about why you should involve a 3PL provider like Brown West Logistics in warehouse selection and layout.

3PL Providers Rely on Data

One of the primary ways a 3PL provider could assist with the selection or design of a new warehouse facility is by referencing data they have previously collected from other members of the supply chain industry. By working with numerous warehouses across multiple industries, Brown West Logistics has gathered extensive data on what works and what doesn’t. This gives our warehousing partners access to proven data-driven approaches that offer conventional wisdom and invaluable insight into potential innovations.

Focus on Results with a 3PL Provider

Relying on the expertise of a 3PL provider when selecting a warehouse location or adopting a layout allows you to focus on the outcome you want, as opposed to the process of securing real estate or altering it to suit your needs.

It benefits warehouse management to simply determine what they need from their facility and then rely on the guidance of a 3PL provider during the search. For example, Brown West Logistics could do the work of comparing real estate options, designing storage systems, and reviewing automation tools – all while avoiding mistakes that have plagued other companies in the past.

Areas where a 3PL Provider Could Help

Guidance from a 3PL partner could benefit the following aspects of selecting a warehouse space:

Designing Storage Areas

It is vital for a warehouse to have not only enough storage space, but also ample room for maneuvering or working as well. A 3PL provider could help design and implement a design that meets all these needs.

Planning for Equipment Needs

Anyone preparing to purchase a new facility should consider what equipment they will need to execute their warehouse operation. The equipment a warehouse will rely on—from forklifts to pallet jacks to autonomous drones—requires space. A 3PL partner could help plan for this space early in the process.

Prioritizing Safety

An inadequate layout could increase the risks of injury in a warehouse. Safety is Brown West Logistics’ number one priority, and our team could help design a space or select a location with safety in mind.

Integrating a New Warehouse with a 3PL Provider

When a 3PL provider has a hand in your warehouse selection and layout design, it could ensure that your facility is fully optimized to get the most from third-party logistics. Let Brown West Logistics help ensure that you select a location and design that is ideal for your internal operations with a customized plan that helps you through every aspect of your next warehouse space. Reach out today to learn more.

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