Why 3PLs Should be Considered an Extension of Your Business

While it may be nerve-wracking to pass any elements of your business operations to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, working with the right 3PL provider could lessen the load on yourself and your employees and maximize the efficiency with which your business operates, all as if you were managing those outsourced processes directly. Here are some of the biggest reasons why 3PLs should be considered an extension of your business rather than just a contractor helping to fulfill secondary obligations.

Reducing Front- and Back-End Costs

From intake to storage to picking and packing, to the vast transportation networks that get an order from your facility to a customer’s front door, running a supply chain business has a ton of moving parts regardless of what kinds of products or varieties of goods you handle. Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with a quality 3PL provider like Brown West Logistics is reducing the financial burden that the various stages of the supply chain put not only on you, but on your customers as well.

Entrusting your business logistics to an experienced third party with an established network of suppliers, transportation experts, and capable employees means putting all those parts of your supply chain in the hands of a single, qualified company. In practice, this means that, instead of managing and paying for each component by yourself, your 3PL provider can manage that entire aspect of your business exactly as you would, but with a focus on maximizing efficiency in this particular area. You save money that would have otherwise gone to maintaining many different, essential logistical processes, and your customers reap the benefit in the form of reduced shipping and processing fees.

Flexibility when Scaling Operations

Another crucial advantage that an experienced 3PL provider like Brown West Logistics can offer is easily scaling operations up or down depending on your unique needs at any given time. Even expanding into another state can be a complex and expensive endeavor, but our team could take on the burden of handling this transition while minimizing the impact it has on your business.

By working with Brown West Logistics, you can gain access to business expansion designs that have proven results and which do not require additional investments in new supply chain components.

Getting Better at what You Do

Above all, 3PLs can provide for your business a refinement of the processes you already know how to handle but aren’t quite sure how to streamline or expand for your future needs. Business logistics are an immensely complicated part of the warehousing and supply chain industry, and taking it on all by itself might inhibit you from making the most of your business’s potential for growth and success. Utilizing 3PLs as an extension of your business could be the key to realizing its potential.

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