Top Warehousing Solutions in 2022

Supply chain disruptions hit the warehousing industry hard in 2020 and 2021, and the dust has not yet settled. Pandemic-induced issues continue to arise and likely will for at least the foreseeable future. Many warehouses in the supply chain industry are struggling to build resiliency into their systems. Here are our top warehousing solutions to have a successful 2022.

Prioritize Worker Safety

Warehouse staffing has been a challenge for years, and the problem has only become more difficult since the start of the pandemic. Successful operations must attract and retain the best warehouse workers. One way to do this is to demonstrate your commitment to safety – not just from the virus, but from occupational hazards as well.

Readily available technology could reduce time lost to illness and injury while enhancing worker satisfaction and increasing efficiency. For example, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices could help new workers develop the physical skills they will need before they have to perform the tasks using potentially dangerous equipment. Workers typically engage more with these exercises than traditional training, making them more likely to retain what they learn.

Drones can be another worthy investment that could greatly improve worker safety by reducing the need for workers to enter dangerous areas of the facility. These are all technologies that Brown West Logistics can help source and implement, giving you less to worry about in both the short- and long-term.

Create Space

The pandemic has taught the industry and its workers about the risks of working in close quarters. Measures taken to comply with social distancing and other CDC guidelines will likely remain after the pandemic ends, as workers have come to expect this protection.

As your business grows, it is crucial to increase your facility’s storage capacity while allowing space for workers to do their jobs safely. Building up, adding deep double racks, re-routing passageways, and even adding a mezzanine level for additional storage or office space could maximize your warehouse’s capacity at a relatively low cost without sacrificing worker safety.

A third-party logistics provider like Brown West Logistics could offer a detailed analysis of your facility’s spatial potential and optimize your storage capacity. Teaming up with a 3PL provider could give you access to customized and data-driven solutions that might provide you with all the additional capacity you require with minimal cost to you.

Optimize Data Retrieval and Utilization

From barcoding to cloud technologies to the Internet of Things, the modern warehouse presents abundant opportunities to use data to enhance agility and build resilience. Unfortunately, making efficient and effective use of the data requires an investment in time and degree of skill that is beyond the reach of some companies.

The right 3PL provider could analyze your warehouse operations, identify areas of potential, and implement an integrated strategy to get the most out your technology. A good 3PL provider might also suggest cost-effective technology investments that could streamline your processes, increase transparency, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Commit to Sustainability

Reducing your facility’s carbon footprint makes good business sense from an economic and customer relations standpoint. An increasing number of consumers base their spending decisions, at least in part, on their perception of the business as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.

Developing a more sustainable workplace does not have to be disruptive or require major investments. Simple measures like changing the lighting, installing exhaust fans, and improving packing materials could have a substantial impact on sustainability and your bottom line.

Outsource Any or All of these Tasks to a 3PL Provider

As logistics technology advances, supply chain disruptions become more frequent, and adequate staffing remains a persistent issue, warehouses need more nimble management solutions. Relying on a 3PL provider such as Brown West Logistics allows you to direct your resources toward developing and manufacturing a great product, rather than focusing on how to store and move it.

Brown West Logistics could be a great resource, tailoring its services to your particular desires and needs. With expertise in warehouse operations and strategic partnerships throughout the logistics sector, we could provide all the solutions you need to optimize your warehouse operations.

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