Technology on Your Production Floor Equals Innovation

We have become increasingly dependent on mobile technology for everything from getting us across town quickly to deciding where to go for dinner and comparing real estate listings. Manufacturing and warehouse professionals should be just as eager to embrace mobile technology on the production floor.

In fact, most modern operations have already adopted this to some degree. Mobile technology is advancing rapidly, and new applications are coming to the market daily. Let a 3PL provider give you the attention to detail you need to succeed in your supply chain.

You Already Depend On Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has already made a significant impact on the industry. Automated production and warehouse management systems (WMS) already employ AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and autonomous robots to varying degrees. Mobile technology is the link that makes these systems work.

As companies strive to position themselves as innovators and as customer satisfaction increasingly requires real-time responses, the influence of mobile technology on manufacturing, production, and fulfillment systems will continue to expand

Wearable Technology

Wearable scanners and other technology are essential in many production environments. They allow employees to work hands-free and, if their range is adequate, could ease access to inventory and assets stored high.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality systems have a vital role in training in many contexts. Learners can practice on virtual systems before engaging in activity with the real thing. Virtual and augmented reality applications could also facilitate machine malfunction diagnosis and repair.


Drones are coming into their own as essential equipment in many operations. They can manage inventory control far more efficiently and safely than leaving the task to humans. They can also conduct inspections in areas that are dangerous or unpleasant for humans to access. Although autonomous, self-flying drones are available, most industrial applications use human-controlled drones.

Autonomous Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous vehicles have become commonplace in various industrial settings. Whether they travel on magnetic tracks or come equipped with sensors that allow them to navigate freely, autonomous vehicles can enhance efficiency, safety, and worker satisfaction. In most cases, the vehicles are truly independent, meaning they operate without real-time human direction. These machines use mobile technology to sense their surroundings and share information

Benefits of Embracing Technological Advancements

Increased efficiency and safety have been the sector’s strong drivers of mobile technology. These considerations remain important, but mobile technology offers numerous additional benefits.

Depending on the warehouse management system and its architecture, mobile devices can enhance and automate data collection. They could track worker performance, environmental conditions, or other information critical to the operation. Some applications even allow workers to upload photos or other data and receive individualized instructions for resolving a malfunction when diagnosing and repairing machine failures.

Rely on a 3PL Provider to Customize Innovative Technology for Your Operation

Every operation is different, and each facility presents unique challenges and opportunities. A 3PL provider could assess your operation and implement the technological solutions that make the most sense for you now and in the future.

An innovative workplace offers significant competitive advantages. Contact Brown West Logistics today to help you move forward with confidence.

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